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I can feel the musicality in all of Dennis’ visual works. From formal elements such as rhythmic pulses, repetition, harmonies and discord’s, balance and space - it’s all there as it was with Kandinsky before him or even Robert Ryman’s cool breathing spaces of white or Piet Mondrian’s Boogie Woogies. All of them embrace music and filter it through the visual art medium of painting. In this, emotions are stirred and allowed to flow, uninterrupted by the weight of literal image-making, and deliver a joyous engagement with the viewer, just as Matisse hoped all art would give. ~ Deb Covell 

Text: +1 215-341-5488
Email: dennistowers@outlook.com
Fort Lauderdale, Florida US
Contact Evan at Works On Paper, Inc. in Philadelphia at 215-988-9999 or wpgallery@verizon.net for selected works.

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